Reclaim Love and Connection! 

Do you feel passionate about your partner and yet something is missing?

Are you...

  • Longing for better communication and connection?

  • Craving romance, tenderness, and intimacy?

  • Dreaming about being fully treasured, valued, and loved?

  • Tired of fighting, nagging and complaining?

Then …private coaching may just be for you.

All you may need is a set of new skills and tools that empower you to confidently claim the love, attention and intimacy you so desire. Coaching involves learning new skills, including self-awareness and communication skills.

Yes, you can strengthen, elevate and reignite your marriage or relationship! You deserve to be loved, appreciated and treasured. You can have it all!

In our work together you will uncover and embrace your core values, your deepest needs, wants, dreams and desires, your gifts and talents. You will know who you are and what you need to be happy and fully self-expressed.

You will learn to express and claim your needs authentically and powerfully coming from love and commitment. 

Here is how you can work with me. It takes 3 to 6 months of weekly sessions with me to shift your life. We speak over Skype, Zoom, or a phone line, right from the comfort and privacy of your home. We can also meet locally, in the Aspen, Colorado area.

My personal coaching process is efficient and effective, and designed to support, teach and coach you step by step. 

Private Relationship Coaching for HER!

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Reignite your Relationship Coaching Package


Inside our private relationship coaching commitment you will receive my unique step by step training that will empower you to elevate, reignite or save your marriage or relationship. You will receive new tools that help you manage breakdowns or catch them before they happen.

In this personalized life changing relationship coaching process you will uncover the underlying reasons of your relationship or life struggles and you will get tools and support with that. You will discover what you need and deeply desire and you will find out what is stopping you from having that.

I will teach you the secrets to reclaim the love and intimacy you are longing for. You will be inspired to be the one, manifesting love, passion and peace in your marriage.

You will receive 9 private coaching Zoom calls or personal meetings, each consisting of 60 minutes. You will receive email support up to one hour of my time, and you will receive my proprietary self-discovery and communication lessons covered in the process.

You can speak weekly or bi-weekly and you will complete the 9 sessions inside a 4 months window.

I am excited to support you.

$1,997 or 3 payments of $729

One Payment of $1,997

3 Payments of $729