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Are you ready to elevate harmony, romance and intimacy in your relationship or marriage? You can have that and I will show you how. Lets look at where you might be right now in your life and your relationship!

Here is what women are telling me... 

  • I love my husband, but the spark and the romance between us has slowly faded away.

  • I have difficulty expressing my needs and desires and as a result, pleasure and intimacy are missing.

  • I wish I could talk about my concerns, but instead we often have superficial conversations.

  • It looks like I have everything, and yet I am not happy and I feel unfulfilled.

  • We have little time for each other, and I am sad to see that we are drifting apart.

  • I am frustrated that even small disagreements end up in arguments and create distance between us, and I do not know how to stop it.

  • Oftentimes, I do not feel heard nor appreciated, which makes me feel lonely and hurt.

  • I am exhausted because I am doing it all and he does not see what needs to be done.

  • I am ready for a change, a new career, a new life and he is not.

  • I have read books, gone to therapy, and tried different programs, and I am still tired and disappointed that I have not been able to resolve my relationship issues.

It does not have to be that way...

If this is you, please read on. I have good news for you!   

Hello, my name is Sylvia Elisabeth Stauffer. I am your Relationship and Leadership Success Coach and the founder of Coaching WOMEN to Thrive, and The Art of FEMININE COMMUNICATION.

I teach and coach women like you the magical skills to authentically speak your deepest desires and dreams, your needs and wants. Working with me you will learn to fully embrace who you are, and connect with your gifts, talents, strength and your weaknesses. You will learn to practice self-care and self-love, which is the foundation to being fully available to your man and your family. Our work together will empower you, strengthen you and your relationships. 

My process is for women who have a burning desire to live their passion, to live life fully, feeling happy, fulfilled confident and at ease in their relationship and everywhere in life.

The Art of Feminine Communication is the pathway to freedom. You will invite being wanted, loved, appreciated and treasured. This is the access to radiance and joy.

My personal relationship coaching process may just be the answer for you. I have created a system that is easy, effective and efficient and produces results in record time.

Women like you, moms, professionals, executives, models, and opera singers, have worked with me, saved their marriage, and created extraordinary, magical and fulfilling relationships in just a short time by applying my proven process.  

Helping you getting what you want in your MARRIAGE is my passion and my gift! 

You may apply for a free, 30-minute Claim Love Discovery Session right here below.

This free discovery session is an opportunity for you to uncover what is missing in your relationship, or what you could add or learn to make it what you want it to be. 

I can’t wait to hear from you so I can start helping you reignite the passion and love in your marriage you crave and desire. Say YES to YOU!


Sylvia Elisabeth Stauffer


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