My Work – My Mission 

As the Founder of Feminine Communication,, and Coaching Women to Thrive, I have been an advocate for WOMEN and relationships, and WOMEN in leadership since early 2000. My own relationship breakdown came as a surprise to me. What I learned from that experience and my extensive training as a coach is that it all starts with self-knowledge. Today I inspire women to transform, elevate and reignite their marriage in record time. It is never too late to save your marriage! It takes commitment, compassion and a willingness to learn.

My personal coaching provides you with clarity, peace of mind, and quick results. We can meet in person, or we can communicate over skype or even talk on the phone right from the comfort of your home, giving you whatever level of efficiency and privacy you need. 

My group coaching programs, held via Instant Teleseminar and available all over the world, are for women like you who want to learn in a group setting, but at the fraction of the cost of private coaching. 

My new signature program, Feminine Communication, is a series of 3 group coaching programs designed to teach you the skills necessary to effectively and efficiently save, reignite or elevate your marriage. Feminine Communication empowers YOU to embrace your femininity, and to feel radiant, confident and fulfilled in your relationships as well as your career. My signature program teaches self-knowledge, self-care, intimate communication, and relationship skills - lessons we did not learn in school or from our therapist.

My clients are women who are experiencing stress in their relationship; they are successful and smart but may lack the skills needed to create intimacy, harmony and fulfillment in their romantic relationship. Women may be of any age and background, they may have been married for just a few years, or married for 30 plus years. Either way, they come to me to save their marriage. Women may also seek me out before they get married to create the foundation for a lasting relationship.

My unique specialty, leadership and relationship coaching, provides me with all the tools needed to understand the stress women experience when wanting it all, a career and a successful marriage. I teach, train and coach smart WOMEN the advanced self-knowledge, communication and relationship skills required to build and maintain a fulfilling and lasting relationship or marriage while maintaining a successful career.

These women have a burning desire to learn the basic and advanced skills to transform every area of their life. Finally, they are women who are eager to step up their commitment in order to positively influence and impact their relationships and their environments.

No matter where you are in your relationship, it is never too late to learn new skills that help you create and maintain an extraordinarily romantic and long-lasting marriage. 

I am continuously educating myself to further my training, and I encourage women to do the same. As a coach, I am committed to impacting and educating thousands of women through my Feminine Communication group coaching programs. Women are the change makers at home and in the world.