Gracefully Step into Your Power!

  • Are you tired of feeling unheard and unappreciated?

  • Are you frustrated that you are fighting a lot?

  • Do you feel lonely and stuck in your relationship?

  • Are you missing deep intimacy and connection?

In my experience so many couples are stuck in this very trap of frustration and upset. They think they will get over it, or handle it later. Men and woman equally share their upset with friends and unfortunately they may not get the best advice.

Some couples have the tendency to hide their pain and their struggles altogether and make sure nobody knows about it.  They pretend they are fine and doing well, when in fact they are not. Ultimately, they may think that this relationship is no longer working and they end it. This is a very painful moment.

You are not alone! Early in my marriage I developed a habit of hiding my feelings, frustrations and disappointments and I built so much resentment over time, that I felt unloved in an otherwise satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

I assert you, it is the unspoken and unresolved NEED that has you trapped in sadness and frustration. Your unspoken NEEDS are covered up with hurt and blame.

You may think that your partner should know what you need. You may even think that he or she does not care how you feel if that need is not met. Does that sound familiar?

Do you ever feel frustrated, lonely and sad and you do not know why? You simply cannot pinpoint your unhappiness. You may feel unheard, stuck and unappreciated. You may feel exhausted and overworked.

The vicious cycle of upset and resentment starts right here.

In my experience, good marriages and relationships fall apart for that very reason. One upset on top of another builds so much resentment.

It does not have to be that way?

Imagine, if you could…

• Freely express your deepest NEEDS and you would feel heard and understood by your partner!

• Say NO, when you want to say NO!

• Engage in authentic and uplifting conversations that move life forward!

• Invite and reclaim love and intimacy into your life, being confident and free!

Here starts my work as relationship coach. I teach and coach you the relationship skills that will support you during rough times, and you will learn the communication and self-awareness skills that will create peace, love and connection.

Here is the thing, if you are not expanding, learning and shifting, you are drifting, in fact you are drifting apart. What is unsaid becomes unbearable over time and you collapse under the burden. Burnout or divorce is inevitable.

We have blind spots i.e. you cannot see what I see or other people see, thus you will keep doing what you are doing.

Together we will uncover your deepest needs, desires, and core values and you will learn how to claim those needs powerfully. Complaining and nagging are now a thing of the past. It is never too late and you are never too old to transform your relationship and to create magic.

If you come to the conclusion that you are not a match, or no longer a match and that it would be best to complete this relationship, you have the option to leave with LOVE. Completing with LOVE, provides you with the power and energy to move on with your life and find new love. The tools you will have acquired will last a lifetime.

Hello, my name is Sylvia Stauffer, a Relationship and certified Leadership Coach, I have spent the last 15 years training, coaching and developing programs to empower women and men to be confident, to have the clarity and self-awareness to create lasting love and intimacy.

The profound lessons I have learned during my marriage and my bitter divorce after 33 years of marriage, plus the transformative and intensive years of studying and training prepared me to be the relationship expert I am today. My training as leadership coach, and 10 years of studying Kabbalah, and a multitude of human potential programs, opened my eyes to why I was struggling in my marriage.

Conclusion: I do not want you to make my mistakes! You can learn the skills to create peace, love and joy in life, and in all your relationships in record time using the tools I created. You can learn those skills before you get married, during prime time of your marriage or later in life. The time is now!

I left a good marriage, I left a good man, thinking that leaving was the only way to being heard and seen, and to get my needs met. We simply did not have the tools and relationship skills to make our marriage last. Educate yourself, get tools, and hire a coach. In just 3 months you can move mountains!

Today, I am a relentless trainer and coach; I coach, educate and inspire you to be the leader, to use the art of communication and self-discovery to manifest love, to transform your way of being, and to create passion and peace in your marriage or relationship. You will learn to practice self-care and self-love, and you will learn to communicate for results.

My methodology is easy, efficient and effective. 

It takes a coach to speak to your reality, to shake up old patterns and help you uncover what you cannot see. It is never too late to save your marriage, even if your partner checked out. Give your marriage a chance!

Women and men like you, moms, dads, professionals, executives, models, and opera singers, have worked with me, and during our coaching process did save their marriage and/or created extraordinary, magical and fulfilling relationships in just a short time by applying my proven process. They have recreated feeling valued, loved, accepted and appreciated.

Today, together with my beloved, I have created my new life in the mountains of Colorado, and live a balanced life, enjoying my relationship, my family, outdoor adventures, music, art, travel, hobbies, and my career as a coach. I am fulfilled, happy and living the life of my dreams.

I want this for you too!

Sylvia Stauffer

Relationship and Leadership Coach