Deepen Love and Intimacy through Communication and Self-Awareness!

Summer is perfect to reclaim LOVE, intimacy and connection. My 3-hour Summer Coaching Package is an opportunity to do just that, get inspired to reignite passion and celebrate love. I can help you create peace, harmony and connection. I can help you create a deeply satisfying relationship!

This offer ends August 31st, 2019.

“Little did I know that we were simply lacking the skills and the wisdom to create and maintain a lasting committed relationship. There was nothing wrong with him nor with me.”

Marriage is one of the most precious and most intimate commitments you will ever make to another person. You believe in lasting love and happiness. You want romance, trust and intimacy to last a lifetime. You want life to flow in harmony and ease.

You have learned very quickly that you did not get instructions on how to handle this most important relationship. You may have read books about it, you may have asked your parents or your friends for advice about conflicts you have experienced.

You have listened to the advice and it did not work for you.

In my experience so many couples are stuck in frustration and uncertainty, not knowing what to do about their conflicts, disagreements and unspoken hurt. They think they will get over it or handle it later.

Women and men equally have the tendency to hide their pain and their struggles altogether and they make sure nobody knows about it. They pretend they are fine and doing well, when in fact they are not. Ultimately, they may think that this relationship is no longer working and they end it. This is a very painful moment.

Did you know that the number one reason for relationship failure is communication and a lack of self-awareness; simply put, a lack of specific tools to make your intimate relationship the most harmonious, productive and fulfilling commitment you ever made.

Is this you?

  • You are frustrated because your disagreements leave you unheard and hurt.

  • You find it difficult to express your needs and you are left disappointed.

  • You are tired of feeling unheard, unappreciated or disrespected.

  • You feel lonely and stuck when your communication falls apart.

  • You are sad because deep intimacy and connection is now missing.

You are not alone! Early in my marriage I developed a habit of hiding my feelings, my disappointments and frustrations, thinking if he loved me he should know how I feel. My old believe system, my inability to express my needs and desires left me disempowered. I built so much resentment over time, feeling unheard and stuck in an otherwise satisfying and fulfilling marriage that ended after 33 years.

My name is Sylvia Stauffer. A Relationship and certified Leadership Coach, I have spent the last 15 years training, coaching and developing programs to empower women and men to be confident in their relationships, and to have the clarity and self-awareness to create lasting love and intimacy.

Here is what I uncovered for myself and my clients. It is the unspoken that has you trapped in loss of love, loss of intimacy and connection. You feel hurt and neglected.

You may think that your partner should know what you need. You may even think that he or she does not care how you feel. Does that sound familiar?The vicious cycle of blame, shame, upset and resentment starts right here.

In my experience, good marriages and relationships fall apart for that very reason. One unspoken upset on top of another builds resentment over time. Love and resentment cannot co-exist!

It does not have to be that way.

Imagine, you…

• Feeling heard, seen, accepted and loved by your partner!

• Having the communication tools and skills to resolve issues quickly!

• Feeling deep, passionate and intimate connection!

• Setting healthy boundaries to create respect, stability and bond!

• Enjoying a deeply fulfilled and harmonious relationship and life.

If this is what you want, You are in the right place!

Give your marriage a chance!

Here starts my work as relationship coach. I teach and coach you the relationship skills that will support you during rough times. You will learn the communication and self-awareness skills that will create peace, love and connection.

Do not make the mistakes I made. All you may need is a set of new skills to create the relationship you want. You can learn those skills before you get married, during prime time of your marriage or later in life. The time is now!

I am happy to say that I have recreated a fabulous life with my beloved in the mountains of Colorado, using my very own tools to reclaim LOVE and INTIMACY. We live a balanced and fulfilled life. My 3 sons and their families are very important to me.

What is next for you?

Reaching out for help to save your marriage or simply learn new skills is an act of LOVE. Do not suffer in silence!

Apply right here for a FREE Relationship Strategy Session. You will get 30 minutes of my time and together we will uncover what is missing to have what you want in your relationship right now. You will know the next steps to take.

My methodology is easy, efficient and effective. 

It takes a coach to speak to your reality, to shake up old patterns and help you uncover what you cannot see. It is not too late to save your marriage, even if your partner checked out. If you decide that you are not a match, or no longer a match, I can help you leave with love.

I am here for you!

Sylvia Stauffer

Relationship and Leadership Coach