Here is what my clients say about our work together...

“This is my executive coach Sylvia E. Stauffer. I love nick names so to me she is ‘Sylvie!’ This is the finest, most talented and dedicated professional I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She has believed in me, pushed me and never given up on me or my future dreams. Sylvie is a glaring bright star in a confusing universe. Thank you Sylvie! Mom and I are so grateful to you!“ Kathleen Buckley

“I credit Sylvia and the tremendous communication tools she taught me during our individual coaching sessions with saving my marriage from continuing to drift to the brink of disaster.”

“Thanks for being an amazingly strong guide on this planet for me and the other women you touch!”

“Sylvia is an authentic, compassionate coach, and the concepts and communication skills Sylvia teaches will continue to positively impact all of my relationships, not just my marriage.”

“You are an awesome leader and woman! I feel so inspired from our group! I send you love and appreciation for all you have helped me with!”

"Your commitment, compassion, and support during the worst time of my life has left me with clarity, peace, and newly found joy in my life."

“I wish I had hired you a year ago when I first learned about you. I could have prevented the failure of my marriage.”

“This course and your coaching are helping me to envision a new form of communicating that I have never before experienced in this life!”

“You have saved our marriage, and we have found deep love again."

"Your coaching has given me voice and self-confidence."

"Your clear message and new tools helped me reboot our marriage.”

"Since working with you, I am soaring, have doubled my performance at work, have taken care of my health, and I am now dating!!"

“I am so happy to be part of the group coaching call. I loved being with the other women! I loved hearing their stories! I LOVED YOUR COACHING! You are amazing!”

"Sylvia, you bring out the very best in people."