Forever! Forever!

Congratulations! You said ‘Yes’ to the love of your life!

Marriage is one of the most precious commitments you will ever make to another person.

What I want for you is lasting love and happiness, respect, trust, romance and intimacy to last a lifetime.

You want life to flow with harmony and ease. You want to have a tool box full of tools that make this possible.

What if you had the communication skills to start your new commitment with confidence and clarity?

Most of us got married without any prior training or skills to manage this very precious and most important relationship. Until recently there was no training available for creating a successful relationship.

During the last few years I have very specifically studied what has relationships work and last, and what has them fail. I came to the conclusion that the very basic skills such as speaking your needs from your heart, knowing what you need and want, knowing your core values, will eliminate frustration and upset down the road.

I invite you to spend two hours with me to find out what your tool box could be missing.

It might be the best gift you will have ever given to yourself or each other.

You will uncover the power of coaching and the impact it has on you personally, your relationship or marriage, your career and in fact, everywhere in life. You will leave this session knowing your next steps to take. $250 for 2 hours

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Go out on a limb and express your deepest desires, needs and wants. Do you have a vision for your life and your relationship? What are you not willing to give up being in a committed relationship or married?